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The place where you can find all the information about the youth programs going on across the SWONEKY Division. Make sure to follow us and your local corps on social media so you don't miss anything! 

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Youth Programs and resources


corps cadet RESOURCES

Follow the link below to find all of the Corps Cadet resources and info!

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Sunday School

All of the Orange Curriculum and resources from the preschool FIRST LOOK to the adult LIVE A BETTER STORY material. 

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Bible Bowl Resources (acmequiz)

Looking to start a new Bible Bowl team or already have a team and need resources? Look no further! 

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Troops Resources


Click the icons below to navigate to a given troop resource page. 


Badge of the Month Videos on Youtube


Junior Soldiers

Click the link below to find all things Jr. Soldiers!

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Ignite Info

Ignite is a worship night for teens and young adults! The 2021-22 season, Ignite will be hosted by different corps in our division! 

Ignite Events Schedule 2021-22

Friday, October 29 @ Chapel at Worthington Woods

Friday, January 28 @ TBD

Friday, February 25 @ TBD

Friday, March 18 @ TBD

*All Ignite events begin at 7PM


SA Gaming

The Salvation Army has recently started a new initiative to reach the gaming world! Find more info on how to get involved on a corps or individual level here! 

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Swoneky music and arts

The Swoneky Worship Arts Team (SWAT) program was put on hold for the fall of 2021. The program will resume in January 2022!  

Find dates and other information at the Music and Arts Facebook Page. 

upcoming events!

Regional Young Adult Retreat! 

When: February 4-5

Who: Young Adults ages 18-35

Where: Camp Carl in Ravenna, OH

What: A retreat for young adults where they will be refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated through worship, food and fellowship!

*More information coming soon*